AA2017-129CAlexandra Angélique Leeper (Kulwant Kaur) began practicing Kundalini yoga fifteen years ago, and within a year was certified as a Kundalini yoga teacher. Her early teaching years took place in Los Angeles, where she taught (and led morning sadhana) at Golden Bridge Yoga, Karuna Yoga and subbed at Yoga West.

She also taught in local acting studios, as she has always been drawn to introducing Kundalini to the perfoming arts world, (as she is an actress, and knows that the arts have the power to reach a widespread audience). During this time, she was actively involved with the Guru Ram Das Ashram, where she and three others joined together to form the Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Alliance, designed to unite the LA teaching community.

The second chapter of her teaching career was in her hometown of Boulder, Colorado just prior to the first teacher’s training program offered there. She was passionate about helping to introduce this sacred practice into the Boulder community. She taught (and led morning sadhana) in multiple locations in Boulder over a two-year period.

1173During this time, she also teamed up with Sounds True to conceptualize and produce Kundalini Meditation Music, a compilation album designed to deliver the sacred sound current to mass audiences. The concept was very successful, and the album is sold all over the US and internationally, and was honored to make Amazon’s Top 100 albums of 2009.

Utilizing her combined gifts as a yoga teacher and an actress, she developed Yoga4Artists back in LA in 2011, with the aim of reaching artists (who might not otherwise seek out a yoga practice) within their own environments. Her classes were held for over 2 years in the Downtown LA Arts District, and later in NYC for the cast of the popular Off-Broadway production of Heather’s The Musical.